Cornelius Schröder

Cornelius Schröder



Cornelius Schröder
University of Tübingen
Maria-von-Linden-Str. 6
72076 Tübingen


I am a postdoc in Jakob Macke’s lab since July 2021.

Before joining the lab, I did my PhD with Philipp Berens at the University of Tübingen.


Please see also my google scholar profile for an up-to-date list.


Yoshimatsu, T., Bartel, P., Schröder C., Janiak F.K., St-Pierre, F., Berens P., Baden, T. Ancestral circuits for vertebrate colour vision emerge at the first retinal synapse. Science Advances. (2021)

Schröder, C., Oesterle, J., Berens, P., Yoshimatsu, T., Baden, T. Distinct synaptic transfer functions in same-type photoreceptors. Elife. (2021)

Schröder*, C., Klindt*, D., Strauss, S., Franke, K., Bethge, M., Euler, T., Berens, P. System Identification with Biophysical Constraints: A Circuit Model of the Inner Retina. NeurIPS. (2020)

Oesterle, J., Behrens, C., Schröder, C., Hermann, T., Euler, T., Franke, K., Smith, R.G., Zeck, G., Berens, P. Bayesian inference for biophysical neuron models enables stimulus optimization for retinal neuroprosthetics. Elife. (2020)

Yoshimatsu, T., Schröder C., Nevala, N.E., Berens P., Baden, T. Fovea-like photoreceptor specializations underlie single UV cone driven prey-capture behavior in zebrafish. Neuron. (2020)

Schröder*, C., James*, B., Lagnado, L., Berens, P. Approximate bayesian inference for a mechanistic model of vesicle release at a ribbon synapse. NeurIPS. (2019)

* equal contribution

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I am also part of the PhD inititiative sustainAbility at the University of Tübingen.

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